Is there a tiny electronic device which can be used as a word processor?

I need a dissimilar tool which will store a lot.

What is your many required apparatus in a kitchen?

I would similar to to buy a little arrange of a kitchen assist for my mother, as well as i wish it to unequivocally have a disproportion for her in a kitchen. I’m not seeking for any special gadgets – only something typical though peculiarity (Like a good knife, though which won’t do means she’s ...

Is food costlier compared to gadgets in usa?

Like people get a great camera in only 200 bucks where as they outlay around thirty bucks upon each meal…thats utterly dear compared to a price of prolonged using gadgets….

What tone should we paint my tiny kitchen?

Our appliances have been black, cupboards have been staying white (For now). Our kitchen gadgets is red, so something which goes good with red, white as well as black. The rest of a residence is light brown, similar to mocha latte. Please insert photos if possible, to have it simpler for me to picture. Thanks!

What sort of knives/equipment would we have in we knive hurl if we were a chef?

What have been a many appropriate knives (style not brand) to have around a kitchen. Also a many appropriate gadgets. we wish to have a good kitchen with all a indispensable utensiles to hope for a many extraordinary food which we can.