WannaFollow.Me Launches Redesigned Website Prompted by Social Networking Uptick


(Tampa, Florida)– Public polls conducted final year by worldwide digital consumer investigate organisation Global Web Index exhibit a normal American right away devotes twenty-eight percent of his or her online time to amicable networking. This figure shows a slight uptick of 6 percent over 2014 with a swell in micro-blogging further depicted. This flourishing direction was a pushing cause during a back of a expansion of personal branding website, WannaFollow.Me ( In light of a latest expansion in this sector, CEO Roger Safont has launched a company’s newly redesigned website as good as functionality.

Said Safont, “WannaFollow.Me is usually engine which can lift Facebook, Twitter, as good as Instagram updates in to a singular place. This sort of record helps keep people up to date as good as can concede tiny to medium-size businesses benefit larger prominence between intensity customers. It’s good for giving people as good as companies a capability to be followed by all of their amicable media outlets, as good as it cuts down upon a volume of time outlayed acid for assorted connections.”

Safont additionally combined “Our idea is to total amicable media so which we don’t need to emanate mixed accounts to follow your artists, friends or a a singular preferred businesses.  The categorical complaint with amicable media is which there have been so many sites out there.   If someone tweets, a facebook supporters will not be notified.  WannaFollow.Me solves which problem.  Follow them in a singular executive location.”

WannaFollow.Me ( has been touted by consumers, commercial operation owners as good as digital selling firms comparison as a insubordinate amicable heart permitting users to connect their amicable media posts in to a singular place whilst promulgation supporters updates around email. The website’s latest pattern offers benefits from both promotional as good as party perspectives. Newly revamped customization options right away incorporated in to a website yield a larger operation of opportunities to exercise real-time feeds from countless amicable channels.

The association has gifted substantial expansion given a primary launch. Creators of a site note one some-more latest built-in facilities beget larger SEO functionality upon a tellurian scale.

Concluded Safont, “Our revamped website pattern includes a uninformed demeanour as good as feel as good as multiform latest facilities for a users to enjoy. People can upload mixed images to share, post latest messages as good as operate a series of methods for selling themselves. We’ve additionally combined giveaway essay sections for those who wish to emanate some-more in-depth calm for their profiles. This is indeed a many versatile height accessible for formulating a giveaway dash page with all a facilities supporters wish to see.”

Those meddlesome in formulating an comment or guidance some-more about what a association has to suggest might revisit

About WannaFollow.Me:

Based out of Tampa, WannaFollow.Me is owned by WannaFollow, LLC as good as provides a accumulation of options for formulating customized dash pages, bringing an form of amicable media outlets together during a singular hub.

Source: http://www.wsfx.com/story/31577354/news